President's Message

Dear ROMA Members,

I am delighted to welcome you all to ROMA – Rotomoulding Association. ROMA has received an overwhelming response and support from the Rotomoulding Industry right from its day of inception. Within a period of 75 days we have received more than 70 fully paid membership enrollments. This is an extremely good start for ROMA.
ROMA has been conceived and formed by a team of passionate members of the Indian Rotomoulding Industry, on the fundamentals of a democratic and transparent approach towards the benefit of the Industry.
The Association is already on a steady path towards success with active participation by all the members particularly the Founding Governing Council & the Executive Committee.
ROMA has also been received well and appreciated by many overseas Rotomoulders, Suppliers and Associations.
I am sure ROMA will live up to the expectations of each and every one of us with active participation and positive contribution by all.
I am personally very honored to assume the responsibility of the First President of the Executive Committee. ROMA Team and I stand committed to the causes of the Industry. We will be endeavoring on several activities and programs for the wholesome development and benefit of the Industry.
I wish ROMA & the Rotomolding Industry, all the very best.
Kind regards and thanks,

Mukesh B. Ambani
President of the Executive Committee of ROMA